Abramowicz, Käthe

Käthe Abramowicz lived and worked in Bad Kissingen for only few months. She was born in Posen/ Póznan in Western Poland on April 19, 1906. Only very little is known about her life. She was never married and lived in Berlin/ Mitte later on.

At the beginning of May 1938, she moved to Bad Kissingen and was employed as a kitchen help in Hotel ...

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Adler, Hirsch

Hirsch Adler was born on February 15, 1875 in Kleinsteinach as the 6th of 11 children of the businessman Nathan Adler and his wife Kalmana Schlenker. For some time, he worked in Frankfurt/ Main in the textile industry. In October 1911 he married Therese Rosenthal in Bad Kissingen, who was twelve years younger than him and took on the lingerie an...

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Adler, Jeanette

Jeanette Adler was born in Kleinsteinach on September 1873 as the fifth child of the couple Nathan Adler and Kalmana Schlenker. Little is known about her life. After her parents death her mother died in August 1927 she moved from Kleinsteinach to Bad Kissingen in February 1928 to stay with her younger brother Hirsch Adler in Theresiens...

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Adler, Josef (Seppl)

Josef (Seppl) Adler was born on December 17, 1903 as the first child of the cattle dealer Emanuel Adler from Schonungen and his wife Bella, née Steinberger. Josef Adler was a cousin of Jack Steinberger. His mother was a sister of Jack Steinbergers father. Josef attended Schonungen elementary school, year 1 of Schweinfurt Realschule and in 191...

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Adler, Karl (Kalonymus, Kalman)

Karl (Kalman) Adler was born on August 30, 1912 as the first child of the goods dealer Hirsch Adler and his wife Therese, née Rosenthal in Bad Kissingen. Together with his younger sisters he had a wonderful, carefree childhood in the spa town. In those days life in Bad Kissingen still seemed to be calm and peaceful. What the Jewish community had...

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Adler, Suse

Suse Adler was born on October 3, 1920 as the youngest child of the draper Hirsch Adler from Kleinsteinach and his wife Therese Rosenthal in Bad Kissingen. The family owned a drapers shop in Theresienstrasse, where they also lived at the beginning. Suse grew up with her three older brother and sisters Karl, Johanna, and Lotte and attended Anto...

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Adler, Therese (geb. Rosenthal)

Therese Adler was born in Würzburg on April 26, 1887, as a daughter of the merchant Karl Rosenthal and his wife Henriette Oberzimmer. It can be assumed that the family had been living in Bad Kissingen since the beginning of the 1890s where Therese Adlers father had a lingerie shop which her mother continued to keep after he had died in 1895. ...

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Adler, Yiras (Yrat) (geb. Bamberger)

Yiras (Yrat) Adler was born in April 28, 1898 as the daughter of Seckel Bamberger and his wife Nannette in Schrimm/ Posen. When her father became rabbi of Bad Kissingen in 1902, the family moved into the spa town and Yiras lived with her parents till 1927. In 1927, she married Dr Shelomo Adler who was born in Frankfort in 1895 and worked there as...

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Apolant, Edgar (Sigmund)

Edgar Sigmund Apolant was born in July 13, 1894 in Posen as the son of Edgar, senior and Emma Apolant, née Wolff.

In 1903 he moved into the spa town together with his parents. After doing his military service in World War I where he was promoted as far as lieutenant of the reserve, Edgar Sigmund Apolant studied medicine in Munich, Berlin, and...

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Apolant, Ella

Ella Apolant was born on January 1, 1871 in Samter, about 30 kilometres northwest of Posen. She was the daughter of the businessman Alexander Apolant and his wife Bertha Memmelsdorf. Not being married, she later lived in Berlin-Wilmersdorf with her brother, the well-known Sanitätsrat (honorary title for a doctor) Dr Edgar Apolant. 

In 1906, ...

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Apolant, Emma (Emmy) (geb. Wolff)

Emma Apolant, née Wolff, was born on September 28, 1872 as the daughter of the banker and Kommerzienrat (honorary title for a merchant) Siegmund Wolff and his wife Ida in Posen. She married Edgar Apolant senior in Stettin and had two children with him who were both also born in Posen: Edgar Sigmund jr. (*1894) and Eva-Luise (*1898). Emmas hus...

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Appel, Irene (geb. Löwenthal)

Irene Löwenthal was the daughter of the Bad Kissingen cattle dealer and producer of mattresses Maier Löwenthal and his wife Clothilde, nèe Ehrmann from Darmstadt. She was born in Darmstadt on June 12, 1904. One year later, the family moved to Bad Kissingen where Irenes younger sisters Fanny (1906) and Bertha (1908) were born.

After sho...

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Archenhold, Charlotte (Lotte) (geb. Neustädter)

Charlotte (Lotte) Archenhold, née Neustädter, was born on September 15, 1922 as the daughter of the merchant Jakob Neustädter and his wife Käthe, née Weinstein in Neumarkt/ Oberpfalz. She is distantly related to Gustav Neustädter, the last leader of the Jewish cultural community of Bad Kissingen.

Charlotte obviously was an ambitious swim...

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Aufrichtig, Martha (geb. Ehrlich)

Martha Ehrlich was born into a long-established Jewish merchant family in Bad Kissingen. Her grandfather Samuel Ehrlich had got his license for trading with cloths in 1841 and later opened a drapers shop in Obere Marktstrasse. His son Felix Ehrlich expanded the family business and was awarded the title Purveyor to the Bavarian Court. Sin...

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August, Berta (geb. Kissinger)

Berta Kissinger was born in Bad Kissingen on September 7, 1880 as the daughter of David Kissinger and his wife Sophie, née Felsenheld. Little is known about her life. She moved to Würzburg with her mother, married the merchant Ludwig August there and lived with him and their three children in Frankfort. While Bertas sister Ernestine (née Ma...

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Aussenberg, Moritz

Moritz Aussenbergs ancestors came from Poland. He was born in Leipzig on February 22, 1898 as the son of the merchant Chaim Jakob Aussenberg and his wife Lea Laje, née Goldmann and grew up with five siblings in Nordstrasse 1 and later in Uferstrasse 17. His parents owned a business dealing with white goods, laces, and embroideries.


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Bach, Samuel

Samuel Bach was one of the students of Realschule Bad Kissingen who came here from the rural areas of Rhön and Grabfeld and lived in Bad Kissingen during their time at Realschule. He was born in Unsleben on September 28, 1877 as the son of the cattle dealer Meier Bach. The centre of Meiers horse dealer business was in Meiningen, where he move...

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Bach, Siegfried

Siegfried Bach was one of the students of Realschule Bad Kissingen who came here from the rural areas of Rhön and Grabfeld and lived in Bad Kissingen during their time at Realschule. He was born on April 23, 1895 as the son of the cattle dealer Moses Bach and his wife Fanny, née Reiss in Unsleben, two years later his sister Rita was born. 


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Bach, Viktor

Viktor Bach was born in Unsleben near Mellrichstadt on December 14, 1894 as the son of the horse dealer Gabriel Bach and his wife Minna, née Forchheimer. He grew up in a large family with seven siblings.

Viktor Bach (with cap) with his parents and siblings

He became a student of Realschu...

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Bacharach, Cornelia (Nelly) (geb. Eberhardt)

Cornelia (Nelly) Eberhardt was born in Maßbach on October 4, 1900 as the daughter of the grain merchant and baker Samuel Eberhard and his wife Amalie, née Rosenberger. 

In May 1923, she moved to Bad Kissingen and lived there with short intervals until September 1928. After her marriage with Salomon Hans Bacharach she started to live...

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