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Adler Jeanette

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Parents: Nathan and Kalmana Adler née Schlenker
Siblings: Hirsch Adler, Klara m. Lippmann


Theresienstraße 5b (today 10)/ Hartmannstraße 5

home help

August 1942 deported from Frankfort to Theresienstadt
Mai 1944 deported to Auschwitz

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Date of death unknown
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Jeanette Adler was born in Kleinsteinach on September 1873 as the fifth child of the couple Nathan Adler and Kalmana Schlenker. Little is known about her life. After her parents’ death – her mother died in August 1927 – she moved from Kleinsteinach to Bad Kissingen in February 1928 to stay with her younger brother Hirsch Adler in Theresienstrasse, where she lived with his family until mid-July. Then she moved to Darmstadt to her youngest sister Klara Lippmann and her husband Elias for four months. On November 16, 1928, she went back to Bad Kissingen and stayed till the beginning of January 1931. Apart from a short break, she lived in Darmstadt till mid-March 1932 with her sister Klara who had been a widow since 1930. Later she didn’t return to Darmstadt. Her sister had remarried and supposedly move away from Darmstadt. On the registration cards of Bad Kissingen and Darmstadt ‘home help’ is stated as Jeanette Adler’s occupation. It can be presumed that as an unmarried woman she helped in the households of her brothers and sisters and was cared for by them. 

On September 12, 1939 – shortly after the beginning of the war – Jeannette Adler moved to Wöhlerstrasse 8 in Frankfort/ Main. It may be assumed it had become difficult to provide for her to live in Bad Kissingen after her brother Hirsch had left Germany and she had to live with her sister-in-law Therese Adler on her own. In Frankfort she had to sign a deal that was called ‘Heimeinkaufsvertrag’ (contract to purchase a place in a home) because she was ordered to change her place of residence. She hoped – like so many people who signed deals like that – to finance her livelihood in a Jewish old peoples’ home that way. What really happened was that on August 18, 1942 Jeanette was deported from Frankfurt to Theresienstadt concentration camp and from there into Auschwitz Concentration Camp on May,15, 1944. Here she is supposed to have been murdered. A date of death is unknown.

(Marlies Walter)