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Aufrichtig Martha

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Bad Kissingen
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Parents: Felix Ehrlich und Clara Ehrlich née Oppenheim
Geschwister: LudwigElse m. MichelsohnFranz, Paul, GustavFrieda m. Lippmann
Ehemann: Ernst Aufrichtig
Kinder: Ursula Margret m. Schlesinger


corner Kurhausstraße/Ludwigstraße (today Ludwigstraße 10)


emigrated to England

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Martha Ehrlich was born into a long-established Jewish merchant family in Bad Kissingen. Her grandfather Samuel Ehrlich had got his license for trading with cloths in 1841 and later opened a draper’s shop in Obere Marktstrasse. His son Felix Ehrlich expanded the family business and was awarded the title “Purveyor to the Bavarian Court”. Since 1887 he kept a flourishing business at the corner of Ludwigstrasse/ Kurhausstrasse. 

After his marriage with Clara Oppenheim Martha Ehrlich was born as the fifth child. On November 19, 1910, she married Ernst Aufrichtig, who came from the Silesian city of Breslau, in Bad Kissingen. You find him mentioned as a “factory owner” or “managing director of a factory” in various directories between 1918 and 1935. In the 1930s Martha Ehrlich lived with her husband and daughter Ursula in Parkstrasse 36 in Breslau until they emigrated to England. Martha’s registration card in Bad Kissingen says that she was no longer regarded as a German citizen in 1939 because of that. The Aufrichtig family was granted support and shelter in the spacious manor of Martha’s uncle Ludwig Ehrlich (Uncle Ludi) in Bexley, County Kent, who provided shelter for several Ehrlich families there. 

Martha’s husband Ernst Aufrichtig died on December 22, 1950 in Bexley, she outlived him by 17 years and died on April 13, 1967. 


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