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Bach Siegfried

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Parents: Moses and Fanny Bach née Reiss
Siblings: Rita m. Kälbermann
Cousins: Arthur and Viktor Bach


Bachgasse 15 (old count)

Student of Realschule Bad Kissingen - merchant
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Siegfried Bach was one of the students of Realschule Bad Kissingen who came here from the rural areas of Rhön and Grabfeld and lived in Bad Kissingen during their time at Realschule. He was born on April 23, 1895 as the son of the cattle dealer Moses Bach and his wife Fanny, née Reiss in Unsleben, two years later his sister Rita was born. 

Siegfried’s sojourn in Bad Kissingen was short. In 1910, He changed from class 4 of Adamsches Institut in Würzburg into class 5 of Realschule Bad Kissingen, which he left in April 1911. During that time, he lived with the Hamburgers in Bachgasse. It may be assumed that Siegfried was a commercial apprentice in Würzburg and worked in Würzburg after World War I for a short time.

The unmarried Siegfried Bach lived in Unsleben in Hauptstrasse 33 together with his parents and the family of his married sister Rita till the end of 1937. Then he moved to Oberhof (Information by Prof. Dr. Hesselbach, Mail of May 5, 2019). Unlike the other members of his family he succeeded in emigrating. (Info from Naomi Teveth, Tel Aviv/ Reiner Strätz, Würzburg – See: Biographical Data Bank Jewish Unterfranken!) Together with her husband and her 10-year-old son his sister Rita was deported to Krasniczyn in April 1942 and murdered there. Siegfried’s parents moved into the Old People’s Home in Bibrastrasse, Würzburg. After a short time, his father Moses died there, his mother Fanny was deported to Theresienstadt in September 1942. She survived the stresses and strains of the camp and was taken to Switzerland by a medevac transport (Himmler-Musy Agreement) in February 1945. Presumaby, Fanny Bach could emigrate to her son Siegfried. 

At the moment, no further data on the emigration and further life of Siegfried Bach are known. 


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