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Jutkowski Adelaide

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Bad Kissingen
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Parents: Dr. Seckel and Nannette Bamberger
Siblings: Sarah, Kehla, Seligmann Bär, Iyras m. Adler, Simcha Simon, Moses Löb
Spouse: Rudolf (Israel) Jutkowski
Children: Yitzhak, Israel Meir, Eliezer, Shaul Yutav  


Promenadestraße 17 (today's count)


September 1934 emigrated to Palestine

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Adelaide Jutkowski, née Bamberger was the daughter of Bad Kissingen’s penultimate Rabbi Dr. Seckel Bamberger, who had been Kissingen’s rabbi for thirty years, between 1902 and 1932. His wife Nanette had given birth to a daughter named Adelaide on December 21, 1905. Adelaide first attended the “Institut der Englischen Fräulein” (Mary Ward School). In September 1919, after finishing class 3, she entered class 4 of Kissingen Realschule, didn’t have problems with her change of schools, got good grades and was the first girl who graduated from this school in 1922.

After finishing Realschule, she passed her ‘Abitur’ at Sophienschule in Würzburg and studied Mathematics, Physics and Hebrew Literature in Marburg. As a student, she got to know her later husband Rudolf (Yisrael) Jutkowski who came from Milicz (Militsch) in Lower Silesia, a little town 60 kilometres north of Wroclaw (Breslau). As a confident Zionist, he emigrated to Palestine as early as in April 1933. After passing her exam, Adelaide followed him a year later. In the summer of 1933 and between February and September 1934, she stayed with her parents in Bad Kissingen a last time before she left Germany and married Rudolf Jutkowski in Palestine, with whom she had four sons.

When Adelaide’s mother Nannette visited her daughter in Palestine in 1938 (before Pogrom Night), the Jutkowskis urged her to stay with them in Palestine. But Nannette Bamberger refused to do that arguing that she had one daughter in Palestine but six children in Germany. In addition, she was certain that the situation in Germany would soon get to normal again. Israel Jutkowski’s mother demanded of her son he should prevent Nannette from doing what she had planned but she was still absolutely determined to return to Germany. In the Pogrom Night of 1938, she was to learn that she had interpreted the situation completely wrongly. Together with her unmarried daughter Kehla, in April 1942 Nannette Bamberger was deported from Bad Kissingen to Krasniczyn and murdered somewhere there. 

Adelaide Jutkowski died in 1966 at the age of 61. Her husband outlived her by two decades, he died in 1987 at the age of 81.

Adelaide Jutkowski née. Bamberger with her family


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