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Lippmann Frieda

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Bad Kissingen
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Parents: Felix Ehrlich and Clara Ehrlich née Oppenheim
Siblings: LudwigElse m. Michelsohn, Franz, Paul, Martha m. Aufrichtig, Gustav 
Spouse: Georg Lippmann
Children: Traudel (Trudi) and Bertel (Bertha)


Ludwigstraße 10 (today's count)


During Nazi-era emigrated to England

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Frieda (Friedel) Lippmann, née Ehrlich came from a long-established Jewish traders’ family in Bad Kissingen. Her grandfather Samuel Ehrlich had received a license for trading with cloths and later opened a textile business in Obere Marktstrasse. His son Felix extended the family business and got the award “Royal Bavarian Purveyor to the Court”. Since 1887, he ran a flourishing fashion shop at the corner of Ludwigstrasse and Kurhausstrasse. After his marriage to Clara Oppenheim on November 7, 1892, Frieda Ehrlich was born as the youngest child.

Frieda Ehrlich moved to Chemnitz with her husband Georg Lippmann. She must have lived in Chemnitz before 1914 and visited her parents in Bad Kissingen several times during World War I. Her daughter Bertha was born in Würzburg on July 4, 1917. Her nephew Josef Ehrlich (Joske Ereli) tells in his autobiography that Frieda's husband, who was a travelling salesman and often travelling around, was the only one of the Ehrlich relatives who owned a car of the firm “Wanderer” (See: J. Ereli, p. 43).

The Lippmanns emigrated to England early on, as Georg Lippmann turns up in the Chemnitz Directory for the last time in 1934. He had already been in England several times before World War I. Georg and Friedel Lippmann emigrated to England with their two daughters like many of the Ehrlichs and found refuge in the country estate of Friedel’s uncle Ludwig (Onkel Ludi) in Bexley (See: JK. Ereli, p. 68). Their daughters Bertel and Traudel later moved to the USA. In the economically difficult time of their beginnings after the war in England, Frieda’s husband Georg had to earn their living as a worker in a factory. (The London Gazette, January 16, 1948).

Frieda Lippmann died in England in 1969 at the age of 66.


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