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Stern Edith (Hava)

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Edith (Hava)
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Parents: Max Walter and Rosalie née Ochsenmann
Geschwister: Fanny
Ehemann: Siegfried Stern
Kinder: Arie Stern


Bachgasse 5/Hartmannstraße 19 (each previous count)

Domestic servant

September 1935 emigrated to Palestine

Date of death
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Edith Walter was born in Poppenlauer on January 31, 1906 as the first child of the merchant Max Walter and his wife Rosalie, née Ochsenmann. In 1911, her sister Fanny was born.

In May 1922, the family went to Bad Kissingen and first lived in Bachgasse there. Her father ran a wholesale firm for eggs and butter in Weidgasse 1. When she was 19, Edith Walter went to Antwerp in November 1925 where she lived till February 1927. In February 1927, she returned to Bad Kissingen and lived with her parents again, then in Hartmannstrasse. At the beginning of 1930, she left Bad Kissingen for good and moved to Fürth.

In 1935, Edith Walter emigrated to Palestine and arrived in Jerusalem in the September of that year. A year later, her parents also managed to escape there. And her younger sister Fanny, who had married in the meantime, was also able to flee with her family to Palestine, so that the whole family was together again. In the early 1940s, Edith, who called herself in Israel Hava, married Siegfried Stern, born in Hessdorf in Lower Franconia (now a district of Karsbach in the Main-Spessart district), with whom she had a son (Arie).

Edith Stern died in February 1963 at the age of 57 and was buried, like her sister Fanny and her parents, in the cemetery in Pardes Hana in the Sharon Plain.

family photo (from left to right): Edith, Rosalie, Max and Fanny Walter


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