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Apolant Edgar jun., Dr.

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Edgar (Sigmund)
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Parents: Edgar und Emma Apolant geb. Wolff
Siblings: Eva married Schröder 
Spouse: Valeska née Feuersta(c)k, 2.Ehefrau Hilda née Güssefeld, 3. Ehefrau da Freja Inga Stokkebyen


Menzelstraße 8


September 1936 emigrated to the USA

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Edgar Sigmund Apolant was born in July 13, 1894 in Posen as the son of Edgar, senior and Emma Apolant, née Wolff.

In 1903 he moved into the spa town together with his parents. After doing his military service in World War I where he was promoted as far as lieutenant of the reserve, Edgar Sigmund Apolant studied medicine in Munich, Berlin, and Würzburg. In July 1923 he married Valeska Feuerstak in Bad Kissingen, who had been born in Oppeln in 1897 and received a doctorate by Würzburg University in 1922, the same year as him. But the couple soon drifted apart and thus their marriage ended as early as 1926, after only few years. In the year of his divorce, Edgar Sigmund Apolant married the Protestant Hilda Güssefeld (* 1894) from Wiesbaden. Edgar’s parents had converted to Protestantism with their family. The doctor from Bad Kissingen had a distanced relationship with his Jewish roots as his wife Hilda emphasized talking to her sister-in-law Eva Schröder in 1962: “Edgar’s whole attitude was like what all of you maintained, so non-Jewish … that he held the opinion that children should live their lives [free from] any kind of discrimination and inferiority complex.” Therefore, he never owned up to his own Jewish roots and thus also those of his children (Sta Wü: Nachlass Deeg, file 127, according to Hans-Jürgen Beck, Kissingen war unsere Heimat).

In 1929 he took over the management of Haus Apolant and in the following years he lived in Bad Kissingen during the Spa Saison and in Berlin during the rest of the year.

Because of the political situation in Germany getting worse and worse, Edgar Sigmund Apolant wasn’t left a different chance from emigrating to the USA. In 1936, he was warned by friends who worked in a ministry in Berlin that his arrest was imminent. He took this warning very seriously and left Bad Kissingen. At the end of September 1936, he went on board of “S.S. Gerolstein” in Antwerp and arrived at New York in October. In December 1938, he married his third wife Ida Freja Inga Stokkebyen, born in Reval/ Estonia, in Mount Vernon, NY. In 1940, they lived in San Bernardino, California, In 1943, he got the American Citizenship and died on November 19, 1956 in New Hempstead, Rockland, NY, at the age of 62. 


Edgar Sigmund Apolant
Sanatorium Apolant, Menzelstraße 8
Advertisement in the Bad Kissinger address book 1928/30


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Personenfotos © Karl Müller, Bopfingen, weitergeleitet von H.-J.Beck
Foto © Alemannia Judaica Bad Kissingen
Werbeanzeige Kissinger Adressbuch 1928/1930 © Stadtarchiv Bad Kissingen