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Bamberger Mendel Hirsch Menachem, Dr.

First Name
Mendel Hirsch Menachem
Date of Birth
Place of birth
Bad Kissingen
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Parents: Moses Löb Bamberger and Esther née Goldschmitt
Siblings: Benzion, Joseph AaronSarah m. Rosenbaum, Isaac, Judith, Seligmann Bär, Kehla m. WechslerNathanHanna
Spouse: Rahel née Winter
Children: Judith Wallenstein née BambergerElla Ruth Dotan née BambergerBamberger Josef Ayalon (Friedel)


Maxstraße 5/ Theresienstraße 23/ Ludwigstraße 13 (today 18)


November 1934 emigrated to Palestine 

Date of death
Place of death


Mendel Hirsch Bamberger was born in Bad Kissingen on May 31, 1884 as a son of Moses Löb and Esther Bamberger, née Goldschmidt. At first, he lived with his parents in Maxstrasse 5, later in Theresienstrasse 23 and finally in Ludwigstrasse 13. After his studies at a university he worked in the spa town as a dentist.

Just like his brother Isaak Bamberger, who practiced as physician, he belonged to the few Zionists in Bad Kissingen. In their liberal attitude, they were also very different from the orthodox family of his father and his sister. The Zionist attitude prevented them from the fatal illusion of hoping for an improvement of the political situation and encouraged their decision to leave Germany in time.

Mendel Hirsch Bamberger married his wife Rachel Winter in Cologne on December 28, 1909. She was four years his junior and came from Mönchengladbach. By the way, her sister Leah was married to his older brother Benzion who died from a war injury in 1918. Mendel Bamberger had four children with Rachel: Judith (born in 1911 and married to Stephan Wallenstein), Ruth Ella (born in 1912 and married to Menashe Dotan), Moses Löb/ Martin (born in 1915 and married to Rivka Lehmann), and Benzion Seligmann Josef Friedel (born in 1919 and married to Ruth Schüler).

In the early 1930s the family emigrated to Palestine. The first one to make his home in Palestine was Mendel Bamberger’s then 15-year-old son Friedel. In 1934, he left Bad Kissingen with only two suitcases. His parents Rachel and Mendel Bamberger followed him to Palestine on November 1, 1934 together with his older sister Judith and his unmarried uncle Isaak Bamberger. In Jerusalem, Mendel Hirsch Bamberger also practiced as a dentist and died there in August 1942.

26_ Mendel Bamberger als Soldat im Ersten Weltkrieg mit Ehefrau Rachel.jpg
Dr. Mendel Bamberger as soldier in World War I with his wife Rachel


Angaben stammen im wesentlichen aus: Hans-Jürgen Beck, Kissingen war unsere Heimat, Stand 2017, S.444ff
Meldeunterlagen Stadt Bad Kissingen
Schülerakte Jack-Steinberger-Gymnasium
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Porträtfoto © J. Ayalon
Foto mit Ehefrau Rachel © Abi Wallenstein