The short biographies outline – as far as possible – the ancestry, social backgrounds, school careers and professional backgrounds, but also harassment and prosecution by Nazi authorities, ostracism and deprivations of rights, suicides, failed and successful emigration attempts as well as routes into the extermination camps. Familial relations of the victims were also stated, whenever possible, to show what long-standing family traditions were brutally disrupted. If photographs exist, they were included in the biographies. Quite a lot of curricula vitae can only be reconstructed in a fragmentary and incomplete fashion because of insufficient sources and databases. In some cases, the information and dates in the accessible lists and memorial books are also faulty and contradictory (spelling of names, dates of life, places of living, especially the dates of death in the extermination camps).

To cope with that they were checked using registration cards of the town archives and rectified if necessary. Nevertheless, in spite of all the meticulous research, uncertainties remain and future corrections and additions will be necessary.

The project regards itself as a continual process towards a documentation of the diverse fates of the Jews of Bad Kissingen during Nazi-Germany that is as comprehensive as possible.

Therefore, corrections, information, and additions as well as photos and other documents are welcome. Just send them to us using Contact“. They can thus be added to the database as quickly as possible.

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