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May 1940 emigrated to the USA

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Karola Kahn is incorrectly listed as a Shoa victim in the Bad Koblenz memorial book, and Bad Kissingen is also mentioned next to her place of birth, Kleinbardorf. According to our research in the city archives of Bad Kissingen, however, she was registered in Bad Kissingen for only a few days.
Karola Kahn was born on March 19, 1914, the daughter of the tailor and merchant Abraham Kahn and his wife Rosa, née Kahn, in Kleinbardorf in the Lower Franconian district of Rhön-Grabfeld. Her brother Nathan was born one year before her. Her father had an important function in the Jewish community of Kleinbardorf as prayer leader, cantor and shepherd.  
Neighbors describe the family's appearance as "exemplary" and "righteous" and characterize them as religious and "conscientious."
On December 6, 1936, Karola Kahn came to the Hotel Seelig in Von-der-Tann-Strasse as a domestic servant, but already departed for Kleinbardorf on December 17, 1936.
She and her parents were among the last eight or nine Jews still living in Kleinbardorf at the end of 1938. Initially, her brother managed to escape to England, where he was by 1939 at the latest, and since July 1940 he had been living in North America. Karola Kahn emigrated from Genoa to the USA in May 1940 and lived in New York.
Her parents were deported from Kleinbardorf via Würzburg to Krasnizcyn in April 1942 and murdered in the vicinity of Lublin.



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Hier liegt sicherlich ein Irrtum vor: Karola Kahn wurde nicht deportiert, sondern konnte 1940 in die USA emigrieren! (Beleg siehe unten)

Der in den Gedenkbüchern genannte Bezug zu Bad Kissingen konnte in den Unterlagen des Kissinger Stadtarchivs bisher nicht bestätigt werden. Im Staatsarchiv Würzburg befindet sich eine Liste jüdischer Bediensteter in Bad Kissingen (Stand Januar 1937) mit einem Eintrag Carola Kahns als Hausgehilfin im Hotel Seelig in der Von-der-Tann-Straße, der allerdings durchgestrichen ist.

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