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Bamberger Nathan Wolf

First Name
Nathan Wolf
Date of Birth
Place of birth
Bad Kissingen
Other family members

Parents: Moses Löb and Esther Bamberger
Siblings: Benzion, Joseph Aaron, Sarah, Isaac, Judith, Seligmann Bär, Kehla, HannaMendel Hirsch
Spouse: Martha (Minna) née Ochs
Son: Martin Ludwig Moshe


Maxstraße 5 (today 11)

Student of Bad Kissingen Realschule - bookseller

March 1933 emigrated to Palestine

Date of death
Place of death


Nathan Wolf Bamberger was born in Bad Kissingen on June 5, 1888 as the youngest son of Bad Kissingen’s rabbi of many years, Moses Löb Bamberger, and his second wife Ester, née Goldschmidt. His father was the District Rabbi between 1872 and 1899. On his initiative, the New Synagogue had been built, the consecration of which Moses Löb Bamberger was not to experience. Nathan Wolf grew up with nine brothers and sisters in Maxstrasse. Between 1898 and 1904 he attended Bad Kissingen Realschule, the predecessor of contemporary Jack-Steinberger-Gymnasium.

Between 1914 and 1920 he often changed his places of residence and lived in Bad Kissingen, Nuremberg, Munich, Wroclaw, and Frankfort. In 1923, he married Martha Ochs, who had been born in Frankfort, their only child was born there in April 1928. Nathan Wolf Bamberger had a bookshop in Marbachweg in Frankfort from the early 1930s to their emigration. The last entry in the Frankfort directory mentioning it is from 1933. 

Nathan Wolf Bamberger with his wife Martha and their son Martin Ludwig Moses

As early as in March 1933, the family emigrated to Palestine and lived in Jerusalem there. Nathan Wolf Bamberger stayed true to his profession as a bookseller there and founded the firm “Bamberger & Wahrmann”. His wife Martha held a high position in the “Women’s International Zionist Organisation”, an internationally active charitable women’s organization that is still the biggest international women’s organization in the world. His son Moses worked in the renowned book and press publishing house “Yediot Aharonot”. 

Nathan Wolf Bamberger died in Jerusalem in 1948 at the age of 60. 


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