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Bamberger Seligmann Bär, Dr.

First Name
Seligmann Bär
Date of Birth
Place of birth
Schrimm/bei Posen
Other family members

Parents: Seckel and Nannette Bamberger
Siblings: SarahKehlaYiras m. AdlerMoses LöbSimon (Simcha)Adelaide m. Jutkowski
Spouse: Else née Buxbaum
Children: Hanna, Joseph Alexander


Promenadestraße 5c (today 17)

Chemist, university lecturer and company manager

March 1940 emigrated to the USA

Date of death
April 1970
Place of death
New York


Seligman Bamberger was born on January 20, 1896 in Schrimm (now Srem) near Posen/ Poznan (Poland). He was the son of the respected Rabbi Dr. Seckel Bamberger and his wife Nannette. Between 1905 and 1911, he attended Kissingen Realschule; his marks prove him to have been a conscientious and good student. After graduating there, he attended Oberrealschule in Würzburg, studied chemistry at Würzburg University and did his doctorate. In 1921, he married Else Buxbaum, the daughter of a shoe manufacturer in Würzburg, and moved to Hamburg in the same year, where he taught chemistry and physics at the university. Their two children Hannah and Joseph were born in 1926 and 1927.

In the Pogrom Night of 1938, the Bambergers definitely realized that it was high time to flee from Germany. Men of the Gestapo forced their way into their apartment in order to arrest Seligmann Bamberger who, luckily, was not in the apartment. He went into hiding for a whole week to avoid being arrested. The efforts to obtain an exit permit to the United States proved to be extremely difficult as the immigration quota set by the US had already been reached. Finally, after seemingly endless bureaucratic obstacles and with the support of friends, Seligmann Bamberger obtained a professorship for chemistry by the Talmud University and the required visa for his family. Eventually, in March 1940, the Nazi authorities gave him the permit of emigration. In the USA, Seligmann Bär Bamberger was employed as a high school teacher and manager. 

After the war, Dr. Seligmann Bamberger filed an application for the reimbursement of “Villa Adelaide” in Promenadestrasse which his mother Nannette had been forced to sell in December 1938. The lawsuit ended after two years in March 1951 with a compromise solution at Würzburg District Court: A reimbursement couldn’t be attained but the new owner had to pay 25,000 DM to Dr. Bamberger.

Dr. Seligmann Bamberger died in 1970 at the age of 74. His widow died in 1979. 

32_Seligmann Baer Bamberger im Familienkreis 1924
Seligmann Bär Bamberger with the Bamberger family, 1924


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© Dr. Shaul Yutav, Tel Aviv