personal data

Bauer Babette

Birth Name
First Name
Babette (Bettie, Betty)
Date of Birth
Place of birth
Rödelsee bei Kitzingen
Other family members

Parents: Hermann Schloß and Babetta née Gutmann
Siblings: Joseph, Clara m. Jochsberger
Spouse: Isidor Bauer


Erhardstraße 21 (today's count)

Household help

April 1942 deported from Bad Kissingen to Krasniczyn

Date of death
Date of death unknown
Place of death
Somewhere near Lublin


Babette Bauer, née Schloß, was born in Rödelsee near Kitzingen on August 1, 1884. Her father Hermann Schloß was a tradesman in that community. First, he was married to Sophia, née Hasselbacher, who died in 1881. Babette (Bettie, Betty) was a child of his second marriage to Babetta, née Gutmann. She had two younger brothers and sisters and three older half-siblings from the first marriage of her father. 

In 1912 Babette Schloß married the non-Jewish shoemaker Isidor Bauer, who came from Stralsbach but had lived in Bad Kissingen for some years. The couple lived on Kapellenstrasse until the beginning of the 1930s. Probably since that time both lived separately and divorced in May 1938.

In February 1931, Babette Bauer moved to the "Villa Frank" in Erhardstrasse, where she was employed as a domestic help by the Jewish Frank family. At the end of the 1930s, Betty Bauer and her Jewish landlord were spied on and denounced by the non-Jewish tenants of the house. The del Fabro family and the couple Karl and Lily Hein denounced them for having friendly relationships with the non-Jewish married couple called Zwick in the house. As a consequence, there were investigations by the Gestapo and even the arrest of Hermine Zwick. The investigations were stopped after a short time, but it can easily be realized what kind of poisoned climate prevailed in the house afterwards. 

Together with other Bad Kissingen Jews Babette Bauer had to move into one of the “Jews’ houses” in 1941. In April 1942, she was transported to Krasnyzcyn via Würzburg and killed. Her exact date of death is unknown.


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