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Baumblatt Martha

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Bad Kissingen
Other family members

Parents: Hermann and Sara Baumblatt née Neuburger 
Siblings: Arthur Baumblatt


Badgasse 4

Domestic worker

January 1937 emigrated to Tel Aviv/Palestine
February 1941 emigrated to the USA

Date of death
Place of death
New Jersey/USA


Martha Baumblatt was born in Bad Kissingen on August 22, 1900 as the daughter of Hermann and Sara Baumblatt, née Neuburger. The family had had a bakery there since 1896. Martha Baumblatt worked in the little family bakery. Her elder brother Arthur had been killed in World War I at the age of only 21 years.

While her parents were deported to Theresienstadt in 1942 and lost their lives there, Martha managed to flee to Tel Aviv in 1937. In February 1941, Martha Baumblatt left Palestine and emigrated to New York via Port Said in Egypt. In New York she was taken up by her uncle Arthur Baumblatt. She lived in Baltimore in the following years and was granted American citizenship there in 1947. Her uncle Arthur also lived in Baltimore.

After the war, Martha Baumblatt fought very persistently and eventually successfully in the redress procedure to get back her parents’ estate in Badgasse. At the beginning of 1954, she even travelled to Germany in order to appear in the law court in person and push through her claims. Her opponents had resisted the reimbursement till the very last moment and had tried by means of doubtful assessments and witness statements to lower the value of the real estate and thus make the price paid in 1937 appear plausible.

Martha Baumblatt died in March 1989 at the age of 88 years. As her last place of residence White Plains, Westchester, New York is mentioned, but she was buried in Riverside Cemetery in Saddle Brook, Bergen County (Bergen) in New Jersey.

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