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Baumblatt Sara

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Obereuerheim/bei Schweinfurt
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Parents: Karl and Nanni Neuburger née Löwenthal
Siblings: Hannchen m. Frank, Regina m. Rosenfeld, Hirsch
Spouse: Hermann Baumblatt
Children: Arthur and Martha


Badgasse 4


Mai 1942 Forced induction in Jüdisches Altersheim Würzburg
September 1942 deported from Würzburg toTheresienstadt

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Sara Baumblatt was born in Obereuerheim near Schweinfurt on June 6, 1867 as the second of four children of Karl Koppel Neuburger and his wife Nanni Löwenthal, who had grown up in Bad Kissingen.

On May 12, 1895 she married the baker Hermann Baumblatt, who had been born in Theilheim, in her home village and moved to Bad Kissingen into Badgasse 4 with him one month later. On June 12, 1896 her son Arthur was born and on August 22, 1900 her daughter Martha was given birth. It can be assumed that Sara actively supported her husband in their own newly built bakery as well as doing the household chores and raising the children. 

The first heavy blow of fate hit the family when their son Arthur was killed in World War I on September 15, 1917 at the age of 21. In the Pogrom Night of November 9, 1938, the Baumblatts’ windows were smashed, and bars of the shutters ripped off. Then men in uniforms came and made the old Frau Baumblatt sweep up the shards. As a consequence of the Pogrom Night in 1938 and the boycott of Jewish businesses in its aftermath she and her husband were forced to give up their house and their bakery. They moved into a house in Hemmerichstrasse 33 in July 1940. Their daughter Martha had fled to Tel Aviv in 1937 and thus survived the Holocaust. In May 1942, Sara Baumblatt was forced to move into the “Jews’ House” in Maxstrasse and only 19 days later they were taken to the “Jewish Accommodation House” in Bibrastrasse 6 in Würzburg. 

From there she and her husband deported on Transport Nr. II/25 with the evacuation number 927 into Theresienstadt Ghetto on September 10, 1942. There she died on September 24, 1941. As cause of her death – just like her husband’s - intestinal catarrh is stated in her file. 

(Heidrun Betz, with minor additions)