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Münz Heinrich, Dr.

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Parents: Philipp and Martha Münz née Sauerbach
Siblings: Alfred
Spouse: Melitta Münz


Theresienstraße 1 (today's count)


September 1939 emigrated to the USA

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Dr. Heinrich Münz was born in Nuremberg in 1900 as the second child of Philipp Münz and his wife Martha, née Sauerbach. His father was a doctor and at the beginning practiced in Nuremberg. 

In 1903, the family moved to Bad Kissingen and had a practice and a spa board in Theresienstrasse 1. After every spa season, the family returned to Nuremberg on a regular basis from November to April where they had kept their apartment and their practice. Heinrich studied dentistry at Julius-Maximilians-Universität in Würzburg and had his doctorate in 1924. In October 1926, he moved to Berlin and settled there as a dentist. Few weeks after his mother’s death in July 1939, his father and his brother Alfred also moved to Berlin. They were deported from Berlin in 1942 and killed in 1944 in Theresienstadt and Auschwitz/ Oświęcim Extermination Camp respectively. 

Heinrich Münz and his wife Melitta Münz from Aichhalden/ Black Forest, who was a Catholic, succeeded in fleeing from Germany in time. In September 1939, they went on board the “Bergensfjord” and emigrated to the USA.

After the war, Heinrich Münz filed his claim for the retribution of his heritage bequested to him by his parents in Bad Kissingen. His father had been forced to sell the estate in Theresienstraße under value in 1939. After proceedings of many years, there was a settlement found with the then owner at the Reparation Chamber of Würzburg District Court in June 1954. He kept the house but had to pay 25,000 deutschmarks as a compensation and also had to settle the costs of the proceedings for Heinrich Münz. 

Dr. Heinrich Münz died in New York / Brooklyn in December 1975 at the age of 75. His wife lived till December 1983. 


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