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Adler Suse

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Bad Kissingen
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Theresienstraße 5b (today 10)
Hartmannstraße 5


July 1939 emigrated to Scheveningen, later Amsterdam 
September 1942 deported to Auschwitz

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Suse Adler was born on October 3, 1920 as the youngest child of the draper Hirsch Adler from Kleinsteinach and his wife Therese Rosenthal in Bad Kissingen. The family owned a draper’s shop in Theresienstrasse, where they also lived at the beginning. Suse grew up with her three older brother and sisters Karl, Johanna, and Lotte and attended Anton-Kliegl Elementary School in Bad Kissingen, afterwards Kissingen Realschule from 1931 to 1933 and then – like both her sisters – the “Institut der Englischen Fräulein” (Mary Ward School) in Hartmannstrasse. Suse and her siblings spent a nice and carefree childhood here. The Adler parents raised their children according to Jewish tradition, but they were expected to regard themselves as loyal German citizens at the same time.

Little is known about Suse’s further life. She followed her father to Scheveningen in the Netherlands, her mother and aunt Jeanette stayed in Bad Kissingen on their own. For a short time she worked as a home help with the same family in Scheveningen as her sister Lotte had earlier, who had fled from Germany in 1934. As her sister married and went to Belgium, Suse had to move in Scheveningen several times, before she found shelter in Amsterdam in 1942. While her brother and sisters had the chance to survive Nazi-Germany in safe countries, 21-year-old Suse was deported from Holland to Auschwitz in 1942, where she died. Her parents and her aunt also died in Auschwitz or near Krasniczan respectively. 

(Marlies Walter)

Suse Adler mit ihren Geschwistern Karl, Johanna und Lotte
Suse Adler with her three siblings


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Familienfotos © Tirza Cohen
Faschingsfoto @ Astrid Bürger-Häffner, Bad Kissingen