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Wechsler Kehla

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Bad Kissingen
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Parents: Moses Löb and Esther Bamberger née Goldschmidt
Siblings: Sarah m. Rosenbaum, Benzion Joseph AaronIsaac, Judith, Aaron, Seligmann Bär, Nathan WolfMendelHanna m. Munk
Spouse: Mendel Wechsler
Children: Emmy, Leo, Judith, Joseph  


Grabengasse 8/Theresienstraße 10


August 1938 emigrated to Palestine

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Kehla Wechsler, née Bamberger was born in Bad Kissingen on June 17, 1882 as the daughter of the Kissingen Rabbi Moses Löb Bamberger (1838-1899) and his second wife Esther, née Goldschmidt.

In 1905, she married the merchant Mendel Wechsler from Schwabach and first lived with him in Fürth, later in Nuremberg. Their children Emmy (*1906), Leo (*1909) were born in Fürth, Judith (*1911) and Joseph (*1921) in Nuremberg. The lives of Kehla and her family are only patchily known. At least, a great part of her family could emigrate to Palestine in time. Kehla Wechsler died in Haifa/ Israel in November 1954. Her husband had already died there in 1947 at the age of 69.

Their daughter Emmy’s life is unclear, their son Leo was killed in a bomb raid in Haifa in 1941. Their younger son Josef lived in Haifa till 1975. In 1932, Kehla’s daughter Judith married Leo Wissmann in Nuremberg. The young couple – both of them convinced Zionists – emigrated to Palestine in the same year without telling Kehla and her husband. “They would never have allowed that”, according to Arie Wissmann (Nürnberger Zeitung, July 15, 2009). In Jerusalem, Leo Wissmann founded the oldest and one of the biggest furniture shops in Israel which is still run today in the third generation (Ibid.).

Mendel Wechsler - Kehla's husband


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