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Eberhardt Amalie

Birth Name
First Name
Amalie (Malchen)
Date of Birth
Place of birth
Bad Kissingen
Other family members

Parents: Isaak and Johanna Rosenberger née Löwenthal
Siblings: Ida m. Eberhardt, Simon, Julius, Sigmund
Spouse: Samuel Eberhardt
Children: Martha m. KrebsCornelia m. Bacharach


Ludwigstraße 3 (now 9), later Pfarrgasse 5 (now Rathausplatz)


1937 emigrated to the USA

Date of death
Place of death
Paramus, Bergen County (Bergen), New Jersey


Amalie (Malchen) Eberhardt, née Rosenberger was born in Bad Kissingen on July 21, 1876 as the second of five children of the cattle dealer Isaak Rosenberger and his wife Hanna, née Löwenthal. Her mother came from a long-established Jewish family of the spa town and had married the cattle dealer who came from Schonungen and had been granted civil rights by the municipal authorities of Kissingen in 1873.

In 1895, Amalie married Samuel Eberhardt from Maßbach, who had learned the baker’s trade like his father and took on his father’s bakery after the marriage. After the marriage, Amalie moved to her husband in Maßbach. In 1898, their oldest daughter Martha was born and two years later Cornelia (Nelly) followed her. Amalie’s husband had been the chairman of the Israelite Cultural Community and member of Maßbach’s local council and was highly regarded in his hometown.

When the matzo bakery in Maßbach became less and less profitable, the Eberhardts sold their business and moved to Amalie’s hometown Bad Kissingen in October 1926, where their daughters were already living. They first lived in Ludwigstrasse, from 1934 in Pfarrgasse. In January 1936, they made up their minds to move to Fulda to their daughter Nelly, who had married Samuel Hans Bacharach in 1928. 

When the political conditions became more and more threatening, Samuel and Amalie Eberhardt and the family of their daughter Nelly emigrated to the United States in September 1937. Their daughter Martha and her family managed to flee to the USA a year later, which made the reunion of the family possible in July 1938. The Eberhardts didn’t seem to have problems getting used to the New World. They met lots of relatives and acquaintances and Amalie’s husband wrote many letters to their old hometown of Maßbach that he felt closely attached to till his death in 1959, in spite of the horrible things happening in Germany. 

Amalie’s siblings could also flee from Germany and emigrated to the United States and England respectively. Her brother Julius had already emigrated to England in the 1920s and died there in 1942. Amalie Eberhardt died in July 1965 at the age of 89. Her final resting place was in Beth-El Cemetery, Paramus, Bergen County (Bergen), in New Jersey with her husband Samuel and his sister Selma .



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