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Aussenberg Moritz

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Parents: Chaim Jakob Aussenberg and Lea Laje née Goldmann
Siblings: Eltern:  Meyer, Nachmann Adolf, Chaskel Samuel, Anna verh. Sprung, (perhaps) Sally
Spouse: Rifka Rachel


Theresienstraße 3

Fur merchant

March 1939 emigrated from Belgium via Southampton to the USA  

Date of death
November 1967
Place of death
New York


Moritz Aussenberg’s ancestors came from Poland. He was born in Leipzig on February 22, 1898 as the son of the merchant Chaim Jakob Aussenberg and his wife Lea Laje, née Goldmann and grew up with five siblings in Nordstrasse 1 and later in Uferstrasse 17. His parents owned a business dealing with white goods, laces, and embroideries.

Moritz Aussenberg was a fur trader in Leipzig. He was registered in Bad Kissingen for the first time in May 1930. As to his nationality, “stateless” is noted in his registration card. In the following years (1931-1937), Aussenberg lived in the Franconian spa town during the summer season and ran a fur business in Haus Collard (Am Kurgarten 2). In the winter months, he lived in his hometown of Leipzig. In September 1937, Moritz Aussenberg checked out from Bad Kissingen for good and moved back to Leipzig for the whole year. There, he lived in Montbéstrasse 21 until he emigrated. 

In 1938, he emigrated to Belgium and lived in Antwerp where in January 1939 he married Rachel Jacobowitz, who had been born in Belgium in 1907 and was ten years his junior. Shortly after their marriage, in March 1939, they left the European continent and emigrated to the United States via the English port of Southampton. They lived in New York where Moritz Aussenberg was recruited for military service in 1942. He also worked in his profession in the USA and was the owner of a fur wholesale business. Moritz Aussenberg died in November 1967 at the age of 69. His wife Rachel had already died two years earlier in July 1965.

Moritz’ older brothers Nachmann Adolf and Chaskel Samuel were deported and murdered in spite of having fled from Germany in the summer of 1939 in order to escape Nazi tyranny. Nachmann Adolf emigrated to Belgium and then to France but was deported from Drancy to Auschwitz/ Oświęcim extermination camp and murdered there. His brother Chaskel Samuel emigrated to Italy with his wife but both of them were deported from Camp Fossoli, north of Modena to Auschwitz/ Oświęcim extermination camp and murdered there.


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