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Lonnerstädter Rosa

First Name
Rosa (Rosalie)
Date of Birth
Place of birth
Other family members

Parents: Seligmann Lonnerstädter and Klara née Schmerlbach


Theresienstraße 4 (with Jeidel)

Domestic servant

October 1940 deported from Karlsruhe into internment camp Gurs
1942 deported into Camp Noé (Frankreich)  

Date of death
Place of death
Noé (Frankreich)


Rosa (also called Rosalie) was born in Hassfurt on December 5, 1872 as the daughter of the merchant Seligmann Lonnerstädter and his wife Klara, née Schmerlbach. Bad Kissingen was only an intermediate station in her life.

In July 1921, she moved into the Franconian spa town, lived with Jeidel in Theresienstrasse 4 and worked as a domestic help in Hotel Ehrenreich. She was a distant relative of Dina Ehrenreich, née Lonnerstädter who had founded the renowned hotel together with her husband Lazarus Ehrenreich and had died in 1901. After a bit more than a year – in October 1922 - she already left Bad Kissingen and moved to Heringen an der Werra.

Nothing is known about the next years of her life. At the beginning of the 1940s, she lived in Karlsruhe. Her professions were cook and businesswoman (owner of a bed and breakfast). In October 1940, she was deported into the internment camp of Gurs in southwestern France from there. In 1942, she was deported into Camp Noé in Département Haute-Garonne from there. As her date of death December 13, 1942 is registered. 

Rosa's older brother Löb and her younger sister Babette were also deported in 1942. Babette was murdered in the Lublin area and Löb died in Theresienstadt in October 1942.