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Grünbaum Ernestine

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Parents: David Grünbaum and Karolina née Oppenheimer
Siblings: Fanny m. Fränkel, Betti m. Zucker, Hannah (Hannchen) m. Kriegel, Max, Gammi Kamila m. Bamberger, Bertha m. Berney, Melie m. Bickel, Jette


Am Altenberg 2 (Israelitisches Kurhospiz)


April 1939 emigrated to the USA

Date of death
September 1974
Place of death
New York


Ernestine Grünbaum was born in Adelsberg near Gemünden on February 2, 1884 as the daughter of the shoemaker David Grünbaum and his wife Karolina, née Oppenheimer. She grew up in a family rich in children together with eight siblings.

When the Jewish Spa Sanatorium on Altenberg – an institution for the recreation of adults with a modest income – was opened in 1927, Ernestine was employed as a cook there. She lived and worked here during the spa season and went back to live in Adelsberg during the winter months. Since 1930, her younger sister Jette was also employed in the Jewish Spa Sanatorium as a kitchen help. Both of them stayed till the end of the spa season of 1937. In the following year, the Nazi authorities denied concessions to the institution just as they did to many other Jewish spa businesses of the town. Thus, the Grünbaum sisters lost their jobs. In the meantime, they lived in Wiesenfeld, a suburb of Karlstadt which was only few kilometers away from Adelsberg.

In April 1939, both of them succeeded in fleeing to the United States where their older sister Hannah had already emigrated before the turn of the century. Their siblings Betti, m. Zucker, Max, Gammi Camila, m. Bamberger, could emigrate to the USA. On the contrary, Fanny, m. Fränkel, Bertha, m. Berney, and Melie, m. Bickel, were deported and murdered.

After her emigration, Ernestine lived in New York. She stayed unmarried all her life and died in September 1974 at the age of 90.

Jüdische Familien Mittelsinn
Family photo: Ernestine Grünbaum (back row on the right), Jettchen Grünbaum (sitting in the front). The photo was taken around 1922 while sister Hannah, who lived in the USA, visited their relatives in Germany


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