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Pearlman Julie

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Parents: Ludwig Gordon and Frieda née Neustadt
Spouse: Max Pearlman


Von-der Tann-Straße 8 (Hotel Seelig)

Trainee - dental assistant

January 1939 emigrated to the USA

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Los Angeles


Bad Kissingen was only a short episode in the life of Julie Gordon. She was born in Frankfort/ Main on June 21, 1917 as the daughter of the merchant Ludwig Gordon and his wife Frieda, née Neustadt. Her parents had married in the Lower-Silesian Glogau in May 1916 and her Berlin-born mother had moved to Frankfort after their marriage. Julie’s father worked as a stockbroker and agent for investments in precious metals there. From 1934 till his death in 1935, he was registered as an “agent for the placement of advertisements in various papers”.

When Julie Gordon was 17 in 1935, she moved to Bad Kissingen for one spa season and was employed as an intern in Hotel Selig till the middle of September. Few days after her return to Frankfort her father died. Her mother became a victim of the Shoa. In the Memorial Books of Koblenz and Yad Vashem she is registered but with the wrongly spelt family names of “Gordan” and “Gardon” respectively. The place of her deportation and details of the circumstances are not known.

On the other hand, Julie Gordon succeeded in fleeing to the United States. In January 1939, she went on board the “Hansa” in Hamburg and arrived in New York few days later. In 1946, she lived in San Francisco and had been naturalized as a US citizen in the meantime. Dental assistant is stated as her profession. In California she met Max Pearlman, who was born in New York in 1903 and who had lived in Los Angeles since 1935 at the latest. There they married in June 1948 and lived here until the end of their lives. Julie Pearlman died in October 1974 at the age of 57, her husband died a year later.


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