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Berg Rosa

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Parents: Leopold Marx and Sara née Strauß
Spouse: Karl Berg
Children: Egon


Am Altenberg 2 (Israelitisches Kurhospiz)


June 1939 emigrated from Genoa to Mobasa (Kenya)
May 1947 emigrated to the USA

Date of death
December 1995
Place of death
Norma, Salem County (Salem), New Jersey, USA (place of burial)


Rosa Berg lived in Bad Kissingen for only a short time and worked there as a nurse. She was born in Mittelsinn on February 22, 1911 as the daughter of the butcher Leopold Marx and his wife Sara, née Strauß and had several half-siblings from the first marriage of her father.

In May 1935, the moved to Bad Kissingen for one spa season and worked as a nurse in the Israelite Spa Hospital. At the end of September 1935, she already returned to Mittelsinn.

In the following years she married Karl Berg from Dirmerzheim (today Erfstadt - south west of Cologne). Their son Egon was already born in Germany before the Berg family and 16 other members of the family could emigrate via Genova to Mombasa/ Kenya in June 1939. Hermann Strauss, a friend of the Berg family who worked for the British government in Kenya, had obtained the necessary entry documents for the family. Kenya was a British colony at the time and the colonial government was interested in the immigration of agricultural workers. The Bergs belonged to a group of around 1,000 refugees from Czechoslovakia, Poland and Germany who came to Kenya during these years because of Germany's increasingly aggressive policies. In 1947 Rosa Berg and her family emigrated to the United States and lived there in New Jersey.

Rosa’s husband died there in August 1961. She died in December 1995 at the age of 84.


Rosa Berg (on the left) with her friend Betty Katz née Kahn and Manfred Kahn (Betty's brother) (all from Mittelsinn)

Rosa Berg's son Egon Berg (in the middle) with his cousins Inge (on the left) and Jill (on the right)

Rosa Berg


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Informationen Sam (Shmuel) Katz, Mail vom 11.08.2020

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Photos of Rosa Berg © Shmuel Katz
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