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Nußbaum Edith

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Parents: Moritz Nußbaum and Jenny née Plaut
Siblings: Ruth, Herbert, Ilse


Salinenstraße 34 (Israelitische Kinderheilstätte)

Kindergarten teacher

1939 at the latest emigrated to England

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Edith Nußbaum lived in Bad Kissingen for only a short time. She was born in Dortmund on September 9, 1907 as the first child of Moritz Nußbaum and his wife Jenny, née Plaut. Moritz Nußbaum came from Neukirchen in northern Hesse and his wife Jenny was born in Hünfeld near Kassel. Edith had three younger siblings: Ruth (1908 – 1964), Herbert (1910 -1970) and Ilse (1915 – 2013). 

In May 1935, Edith Nußbaum moved to Bad Kissingen and was employed as a kindergarten teacher in the Israelite Children’s Sanatorium in the spa seasons of 1935 and 1936. In October 1936, she returned to Dortmund.

No later than 1939, the young woman succeeded in emigrating to England. In January 1940, she was exempted from internment as an “enemy alien”, which was the common procedure, and worked as a domestic worker in Lancashire.

Edith’s three siblings Ruth, Herbert and Ilse also managed to escape from Germany. They survived the Nazi Era in Palestine and stayed in Israel for the rest of their lives.

Her parents, however, became victims of the Shoa. Moritz and Jenny Nußbaum were deported from Dortmund to Theresienstadt in November 1942. Moritz died there as a consequence of the unutterable hardships of the imprisonment in the camp. Jenny was taken to Auschwitz/ Oświęcim extermination camp in May 1944 and murdered there.

No details are known about Edith Nußbaum’s further life. She died in Hampstead/ London on January 3, 1994 at the age of 86.