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Lichtenstein Ruth

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Halle a.d.Saale
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Parents: Moritz Redelmeier and Frieda née Apfel
Siblings: Margot m. Katz
Spouse: Theodor Lichtenstein


Salinenstraße 34 (Israelitische Kinderheilstätte)

Kindergarten assistant

February 1936 emigrated to the USA

Date of death
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Seabury Drive, Bloomfield, Connecticut, USA


Rosalie Lien, née Falkenstein, worked in Bad Kissingen as a domestic help in the last years before her emigration. She was born in Hochneukirch (now in the District of Rhein-Neuss in North Rhine Westfalia) on April 5, 1905. Her father owned a textile business there.

In 1923, Rosalie’s father died of the consequences of the injuries he had suffered in World War I. His wife Jeanette continued running his manufactory trade business until she had to close it in 1938. Till 1935 she was supported by her daughter Rosalie in doing that.

In November 1935, Rosalie moved to Bad Kissingen and worked as a household help with Salomon Leuthold at Marktplatz. She lived there till February 1939 and then emigrated – after a short stay in her hometown Hochneukirch – to Great Britain. Her mother Jeanette died in Hochneukirch in November 1940.

Her oldest brother Richard also managed to flee to England in 1939, the two of them lived in Hampstead/ London. The other siblings, however, became victims of the Shoa: her brother Kurt, who had married Betty Lüchenheim in 1938, was deported to Riga together with his wife in 1941 and murdered there. And her sister Johanna, who had married the clerk Kurt Sommer from Witten in 1939, was deported with her husband and their 2-year-old son Bert from Cologne to Minsk and murdered in 1942.

Rosalie Falkenstein married the tailor Leopold Lien, who came from Berlin, in Hampstead in October 1947. He died in Hampstead/ London in 1977. Rosalie Lien lived on till June 1994. She died in Camden/ Greater London at the age of 89. 

Grabstein Ruth Redelmeier


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