Social Exclusion and Deprivation of Rights of the Jews of Bad Kissingen

At the same time as the dictatorship of the National Socialists, advancing policies of social exclusion and deprivation of rights of the Jewish population started. Their aim was to deprive the Jewish fellow citizens of their bases of existence and to increase the pressure on them to emigrate. Immediately after the seizure of power of the Nazis, the first boycott actions against Jewish businesses and repressions against Jewish citizens began.

Kupsch Boykott 1933

NS-Geschäftsboykott gegen "Kupsch & Co" 1933 wegen jüdischen Teilhabers
© Hans-Jürgen Beck

Reglementierung 3

The following chart shows the different phases of the persecution of the Jewish population and gives a detailed overview of the concrete transformation of the policy of social exclusion in the spa town.