Video about Prof. Jack Steinberger's visits to Bad Kissingen

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The video (1:44) shows excerpts from Steinberger's visits to his hometown in 2001 (80th birthday - unveiling of a bust - naming "Jack-Steinberger-Gymnasium"), 2004 (honoring by "Verein der Freunde" - lecture presented 5th grade), 2006 (celebrations for the 85th birthday: matinee and student performances in the Aula - Bach concert in the Jakobuskirche), 2011 (visit on the occasion of the 90th birthday, including speeches by Lord Mayor Kay Blankenburg, retired senior director Gotthilf Riedel , former Lord Mayor Georg Straus).

We would like to thank Dr. Michael Peter and TV Mainfranken for the permission to use their footage from the visits.