Jewish students at the Kissingen Realschule - the forerunner school of our Gymnasium in: Festschrift 150 years JSG - Gymnasium Bad Kissingen 1871 - 2021

The article commemorates the more than 230 Jewish students who attended the Kissingen Realschule between 1871 and 1936. Their further fate could be clarified by intensive investigations in many cases (223). How serious the effects of the Nazi racial fanaticism were on the lives of those affected is shown by individual examples. It was not uncommon for life plans to fall apart, and there were radical breaks in biographies. And one is often amazed at the admirable energy and creativity with which many of the 114 emigrants - after the complete loss of their previous life perspective - found the strength to start anew and lead a successful and fulfilling second life. But there are also numerous victims among the Bad Kissingen Realschule students. 26 schoolchildren and one schoolgirl were murdered in the Nazi extermination camps or became victims of Nazi violence in some other way.