New Biography added (November 2022) - Hans Rosengold (1923 - 2008)

For Hans Rosengold, the long-time chairman of the Jewish community in Regensburg, Bad Kissingen was only a brief episode, albeit one that was not unimportant for his professional career.

Born in Regensburg, Hans Rosengold moved to the Franconian spa town as a 14-year-old in April 1938 and learned the art of cooking at the Apolant Hotel and Sanatorium in Menzelstrasse. 
At the time, the Apolant Sanatorium was one of the most modern and luxurious sanatoriums for internal diseases and diet cures. Training as an apprentice cook at such an address was certainly a good start for Hans Rosengold's subsequent career as a gourmet chef. However, the Apolant Sanatorium was denied a concession after the end of the spa season, so Hans Rosengold was unable to continue his apprenticeship there in 1939. At the end of September 1939, he moved back to Munich and then continued his cooking apprenticeship in Berlin's Grunewald...

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