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Munk Hanna

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Bad Kissingen
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Parents: Moses Löb Bamberger and Esther Bamberger 
Siblings: Sarah m. Rosenbaum, Benzion, Joseph AaronIsaac, Judith, Seligmann BärKehla m. Wechsler,MendelNathan 
Spouse: Leo Yehudah Munk 
Children: Yani Judith Brooks, Moshe Elijah Munk, Willy Eliyahu Munk, Esther m. Herskovics


Maxstraße 5 (now 11)


1939 emigrated to England
1948 entry into the USA

Date of death
Place of death
Bergen, New Jersey, USA


Hanna Munk, née Bamberger, was born in Bad Kissingen on January 30, 1890 as the youngest child of the Kissingen Rabbi of many years Moses Löb Bamberger and his second wife Esther, née Goldschmidt. Her father performed the task of the District Rabbi between 1872 and 1899. On his initiative, the New Synagogue had been built but Moses Löb Bamberger didn’t live to see its inauguration. Hanna grew up in a family with many children, she had nine siblings.

Hanna Bamberger married the merchant Leo Munk in 1914 and lived with him in his hometown of Cologne after their wedding. Their four children were born there between 1915 and 1925. Little is known about the next years of this family. They lived in the city of Cologne till the end of the 1930s. Fortunately, the whole family succeeded in escaping from Germany. Hanna, her husband Leo and the youngest daughter Esther emigrated to England in January 1939, two months after the Pogrom Night of 1938. Their 17-year-old son Wilhelm had already emigrated to the Netherlands in Pogrom Night and prepared for his emigration to Palestine in a kibbutz there. His parents managed to enable him to come to England. Some relatives helped them in the difficult time right at the beginning until they could earn their living themselves.

Hanna Münk and her husband first lived in London and emigrated to the United States in 1948. Hanna’s husband died in New York in May 1963. Hanna had had reached the same age as her husband when she died in Bergen, New Jersey/ USA in 1971 at the age of 80. Their children Yani and Willy also lived in the USA till they died, whereas Moses and Esther found their future lives in Israel.


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